Stability of Structures Symposium

About Symposium

The Stability of Structures 15th Symposium will be held on September 17-21, 2018 in Zakopane (Hotel "Bialy Potok"). If you intend to participate in Symposium, please register.
We would appreciate if you could forward information about Symposium to your colleagues who may be also interested in submitting abstracts.

We are very pleased to celebrate the special session dedicated to Professor Joseph Loughlan, former Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Thin-Walled Structures.

It is our pleasure to announce excellent keynote speakers - Professors:
Richard Degenhardt – German Aerospace Center (DLR), Braunschweig, Germany
Dan Dubina – 'Politehnica' University of Timisoara, Romania
Krzysztof Magnucki – Institute of Rail Vehicles TABOR, Poznan
Nuno Silvestre – University of Lisbon, Portugal
Ahmer Wadee – Imperial College, London, Great Britain
Christopher York - Glasgow University, Great Britain

This year's Symposium will be held under the honorary auspices of Rector of the Technical University of Lodz Professor Sławomir Wiak.

Professor Jerzy Leyko - an originator of the “the stability of structures school of Łódź” well recognized in Poland - was the initiator of periodic organization of Stability of Structures Symposia. Etymology of the word 'symposium', from Latin, or 'symposion' from Greek, comes from ancient Greece and defines part of happy social meeting devoted to talks about specific topics, usually philosophical, joined with drinking wine and entertainment. Nowadays it denotes a meeting of specialists from particular field dedicated to discussion of specific problems and sharing of views about given topic. It has narrower meaning than conference or congress and it corresponds usually to a meeting of specialists in particular field. The organizers of Symposia are loyal to this definition.

On 25th of May 2013 fell the jubilee of 50th anniversary of Ist Symposium of Stability of Structures, which took place in Lodz. It was a modest, one-day conference, within which 7 papers were presented and 27 participants took part in. The proceedings in the form of a thin brochure contained only abstracts of presented papers and were published using an old fashioned duplicator. The Symposium was organized by the Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (branch in Łódź) with the supportive co-operation of Professors: Włodzimerz Derski, Jerzy Gluza, Kazimierz Grossman, Jerzy Leyko, Zdzisław Parszewski and Jan Szmelter. There were six participants of I Symposia among invited guests of the commemorative Seminary: Tadeusz Gałkiewicz, Kazimierz Grossman, Janusz Lipiński, Andrzej Młotkowski, Roman Ratajczyk and Wacław Zwoliński.

Next two Symposia took place in an eight years cycle. II Symposium of Stability of Structures was held in Lodz in November 18-19, 1971, with 90 participants. 24 speeches were given. Organizers of the Symposia were The Department of Applied Mechanics of Lodz University of Technology led by Professor Jerzy Leyko and the Łodź Branch of the Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (PTMTS). Professor Jerzy Leyko initiated organization of symposia with the participation of foreign guests. He led the organizing committees of a few of first symposia, which became a permanent scientific event organized in Poland.

In October 26-27, 1979 in Lodz III Symposium of Stability took place. Permanent coorganizer of symposia up to XII-th Symposium was the Division of Stability of Structures-Committee of Machine Design of the Polish Academy of Sciences. At this conference the decision was made to organize the symposia every three years.

Martial law unabled organization of IV Stability of Structures Symposium in 1982. It took place three years later in Sulejow in October 9-11, 1985.

The next Symposia were held as follows:

    • V Symposium on 3-7 October 1988 at Cedzyna near Kielce (southern Poland)
    • VI Symposium on 5-8 November 1991 at Spała on Pilica river (near Łódź)
    • VII Symposium on 7-9 November 1994 at Jaworze (near Bielsko-Biała)
    • VIII Symposium on 22-26 September 1997 in Zakopane
    • IX Symposium on 25-29 September 2000 in Zakopane
    • X Symposium on 8-12 September 2003 in Zakopane
    • XI Symposium on 11-15 September 2006 in Zakopane
    • XII Symposium on 7-11 September 2009 in Zakopane
    • XIII Symposium on 17-21 September 2012 in Zakopane
    • XIV Symposium on 8-12 June 2015 in Zakopane

From many years, numerous participation of foreign guests from UK, Japan, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Russia and Portugal underlines the rank of this closed-circle conference.